Friday, February 22, 2008

Thing 1. Set Up Your Blog

I already had a blog so setting up a new one was easy, though I might try out a different blog service as suggested in the challenge.

Setting up my avatar was a major time consumer. I started out using Internet Explorer, and I was getting errors (Error on page) but didn’t notice them and spent a frustrating 20 minutes or so trying to create my avatar on Yahoo and getting nothing. I find this kind of thing extremely annoying—I’ve worked with computers for many years, and my tolerance for confusing websites is low. The human-computer interaction is so important, and it’s not that hard to do (getting off my soap box now). I finally set up my Yahoo avatar using Firefox as my browser.

Oh, and the choices that were available! Who looks like that? Or rather, I can clearly see that I’m not part of their target market, since they didn’t come close to my ideas of what I look like, or want to appear as on the Web. I feel insulted at the choices they offered! I am appalled at the choices they offered!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I’ve changed the name of my blog from what I submitted to the 23 Things team so it's more reflective of my point of view, that of a somewhat contrarian, not a Luddite, long-time computer industry employee, and skeptic of early embrace of new technologies.

All that wouldn't fit up top; that's why it's here.